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Much thought, planning and money go into a Sinhalese wedding because weddings give opportunities to the families of brides and bridegrooms to showcase their social status and also their taste for the finer aspects of life.Salam, 22, made naan in his home village in Yengisar county of Kashgar before his new job brought him to Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region."Previously, I was not so keen on watching football but now I closely follow what is happening in the world of soccer. I have been watching the World Cup matches with zeal," She added.She added that Japan had done everything right. Pressed hard from the front. Tackled hard. Kept great possession in midfield, played two touch football going forward and taking their chances when they came.



  • The holiday is a golden opportunity for China's retail and service industry, and is celebrated at the same time as Father's day and the World Cup this year.
  • Two weeks before the album was officially released, music streaming site Spotify included "Lullaby" from the album in its list of classical new releases. Up until now, the album has attracted over 50,400 monthly listeners.
  • The rooms of the ground floor, the Late Roman wall, as well as the arcade of the portico supported by slender monolithic marble columns and decorated with leaves preserve evidence of the construction history of the mansion.
  • Each float of the competitors has its unique theme. One of the most beautiful floats was Chinese-themed, which won the Golden State Award of this year's parade with description by judges as the "most outstanding depiction of life in California."
  • Penpa Tsering, Communist Party secretary of the village, said Khesum is one of the most developed villages under the jurisdiction of Changzhu Township in the city of Shannan.



  Sumathi said the relations between the Sri Lankan and Chinese Buddhist associations is at its peak.The formula has been perfected through years of research in collaboration with Beijing University of Agriculture, to simulate the formation of the fertile dark forest soil in Northeast China, known for its high crop productivity.After Zhu finished his Ph.D. in human performance at Indiana University in 2008, he didn't go for the quick money.


"The pandemic has taken the country's e-commerce industry several years ahead," Saeed said, adding that the boom will be here to stay even after the pandemic as people have become accustomed to it.
"I sell one kilogram for almost 1.5 U.S. dollars ... this is not too much, but still better than nothing," al-Ja'ouny told Xinhua.Dickson Wachira, a 16 years old high school student said he looked forward to spending quality time at the McMillan Memorial Library during the April holidays.
BOOST TO EMPLOYMENT"We really are all the same and what we all value is getting together and sharing time with family, it's no different and I think if we can promote that, or if the Chinese community can promote that then I think it's great."
The participants enjoyed every second of the master class, making mistakes and correcting them, in a bid to learn the true essence of this fascinating art.
In addition to allowing people to imagine a better world, Sherafatmand has found that painting has helped her deal with conflict at an early age and it continues to do so until now.
Although English is the national tongue, because of the country's incredibly diverse landscape, there's over 850 languages spoken among PNG's hundreds of distinct tribal groups.
By reaching big cities’ markets, the mango growers’ incomes have also increased by 50 to 70 percent. They sell a basket with up to eight kilogram mangoes for 550 rupees (3.5 U.S. dollars) at the local market but now they can sell the same basket in big cities for 900 rupees.Prev 1 2 3 Next


  • Holi is an ancient Indian festival, which marks end of winter and onset of spring season.
  • "I initially love animals, particularly dogs, for they are so loyal and they never betray their friends," Abdel-Naby told Xinhua, adding that "while working on some injuries I feel they are in my own body, but when the dog completely recovers I feel I am the happiest person on earth."
  • For his part, Governor of South Sinai, Khaled Fouda, greeted the Chinese people over the Chinese Spring Festival, highlighting the strength of the relations between the Egyptian and Chinese people.
  • "I have made some research on this. I have measured kinetic parameters after five months of participation in a therapeutic horse riding program and I have proved the benefits in movement," Petridou said.
  • Bob Stewart, who runs the Stewart Farms Partnership, does winter maintenance on farm machinery at a garage in Yorkville, Illinois, the United States on Feb. 12, 2018. For the Stewart family who has farmed for three generations on this vast stretch of farmland in the northeastern part of Illinois in the United States, farming is an important career rather than just livelihood and trade disputes with China need to be avoided for the prospect of agricultural exports. (Xinhua/Wang Ping)Their routine training is also challenging, which includes a 5 km cross-country run and 150-kg deep squat. Commando Zhao Yiyang said their uniforms were often stained with sweat and, especially in summer, would harden and even "stand" on the ground if not washed for two days.The great poet might never have imagined that his death would inspire a much-loved sport, not only in China, but also all across the world including the U.S. cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Kansas City and Boston.
  • WHY PLANT-BASED?By Alexia Vlachou
  • "I was eager to experience a different life from the comfortable one at home," he said.




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      The more she traveled to China, the more she likes and understands the Asian country. Living in Houston, Ellis sometimes brings family to Chinatown, or cooks Chinese food at home. She said building trust with Chinese partners really needs to understand their culture and value.

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      终于戒掉了sscShe said the feat was realized through her savings in the group, having adhered to virtues of consistency and prudence in budgeting her wages.

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    "Yet these goals are far from being achieved; therefore we must continue our endeavors," he told the 193-member General Assembly.

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    终于戒掉了ssc"Let us seize the opportunities presented to us and work together to blaze new trails in building a community of shared destiny for common progress and usher in a bright future for the relations between China and Latin America and the Caribbean," Xi said in a keynote speech at the first ever China-Latin American and Carribean Countries Leaders' Meeting in 2014.

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    Zhou, 24, an assembly line worker at a factory in Guangzhou's Panyu district, has split feelings about heading home for the festival. Though excited to see her family and friends, Zhou said she would not be returning to the city following the break.

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    终于戒掉了sscHindu scholars say the festival marks the victory of good over evil.

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    Caring for food during Ramadan led the 28-year-old electric engineer al-Ja'ouny to focus on food-related work, mainly desserts.

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    终于戒掉了sscOn this Saturday, however, while musical groups from around the country performed on the CityWalk Stage, just across the square, one of China's most popular gourmet restaurant chains, the Dongpo Kitchen, was co-hosting the "Taste of China" as part of the China Tourism and Culture Week in Los Angeles, a week-long series of special China-oriented events which runs through May 26.

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      She said that just before this tragedy struck, one person in their immediate neighbourhood was appealing to all those standing on railway tracks to move away, but he himself got trapped in front of the train and died. "He is survived by an infant daughter," Sarita added.